Our Diversity Status

BAP Pharma are proud to be certified as an Ethnic Minority Business as defined by MSDUK (Minority Supplier Diversity UK). This means that many of our customers can count any expenditure with us as ‘Tier 1’ minority spend.

MSDUK are a recognised affiliate of the USA-based National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) which is one of the leading supplier diversity advocacy organisations in the world.

For us, our MSDUK certification is simply a formality, as equality and diversity has been ingrained into our ethos from the outset. We have always strived for diversity within our organisation, as well as actively seeking diverse suppliers.


Diverse Business People Working Together in Office


What is Supplier Diversity?

Supplier diversity forms an integral part of Corporate Social Responsibility, which is increasingly important to the overall competitiveness of enterprises and their overall business strategy. According to a study by Cargill Inc., organisations that embrace supplier diversity can generate 133% higher return on procurement investments than those that don’t.

The same study showed 85% of CEOs believed supplier diversity to have enhanced overall performance. Many of the world’s leading corporations are already placing supplier diversity as a key performance indicator.