Our team at BAP Pharma is led by Dr Bashir Parkar, a trusted and ethical leader, with over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience. At BAP Pharma, we understand that our team is our greatest strength, and we recruit only the best talent from the pharmaceutical industry. This ensures that we fully understand the challenges you face in clinical trial management, and allows us to proactively work with you to overcome them.

BAP Pharma have a hand-picked team who work well together and have over 80 years combined experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, with wide ranging knowledge and areas of expertise.

Bashir Parkar

Managing Director

Mark Jones

Finance Manager

Shanelle Mehta

Business Development Director

Saj Nirmalananthan

Head of Quality&Responsible Person

Suki Ghatore

Warehouse Officer

Cyrus Navvabi

Project Manager

Katie Mouskos

Project Manager

David Clarke

Project Manager

Sergei Misjura

Warehouse & Logistics Co-ordinator

Chris Beare

Office Manager

Philip Sasson

Business Development Director